Saturday, 21 August 2010

Autumn/Winter 2010: The 50's Look

Hey guys, I just looked at some of the a/w'10 trends and I must say that I'm loving them this time round but I know that there are some that I will defiantly not be trying.....

The 50's Look

Old folks, get ready for some nostalgia. If you're young, like me, get ready to for a new look that ticks the cool and kooky box. This look is hot, so make sure that you're the first to be wearing it.

ooft, I really love this. It is so couture yet it can be worn out of the house too. Love this guys for all you style conscious divas out there, this is so effortless and hot.
Printed Satin Dress, Prada, £3,565, visit

Louis Vuitton runway. I love this look but it's only for the fashion forward. I mean, this could look a real train wreck on one person, but trendy and hot on another. Its a steer clear for all you style conscious girls as even though it looks amazing on the runway, this could raise eyebrows while walking about in the street. But if you're an "but I want all eyes on me when I go out in my clothes", then go for it honey!

 Omg, this is sososo hot. I know it might not be up to anyones taste but it certainly works for me. I love this fox fur collar- sorry animal activists! Don't kill me! The cut little poodle in the middle of the sweater really does it for me. I can see this worn in the cabin lounge on a winter ski holiday in Aspen. Ha! Topshop have already had a couple like these last year but without the fur collar. Would you say that they were one step ahead of the game?;)

Fox-fur collar, Louis Vuitton, price upon request, call 866-Vuitton

Omg, copy cat alert!;)
I like it, put it doesn't quite have the same pazaz
as that fox fur colour does it? But good for you budget divas;)
Angora-blend sweater, Milly, $190, visit
It looks like structured bags are back a la Prada and I am glad to see them! I'm over they slouchy bags of s/s'10 for definite.  Very cool name also, the "Yo-Yo" bag. I'm sorry, but Prada bags need no words to define them;)

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