Friday, 20 August 2010

A girl is just as hot as the shoes she chooses.

The fashion world is cut throat,  competitive and unforgiving.
Yet I plan on joining this world, mad isn't it?
No, not when you also know that the fashion world can be fabulous, rewarding and overall fantabulous! 
Some might say I'm just a girl, others might say that I'm on the verge of starting a fashion revolution. I prefer to go with the latter ;) For I, have a new philosophy that will make the Donatella Versaces scream, the Karl Largerfields squirm and the Dolce & Gobbanas spew.


There I said it darling.
You won't get it out of me again. I'm joking you will.
Thus this blog is about exploring the minds and ideas of people like me who are willing to splash out on that £2,000 Alexander McQueen bag but they won't turn their nose down at that £40 dress from Topshop.

Balanced Fashion.

There I found a term for it!

Until we meet again bloggers and readers,

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