Monday, 23 August 2010

Fur, Fur, FUR.

So I was thinking about one of the most crucial things a fashionista thinks about at this time of the year when summer is drawing to a close. What style coat am I going to invest in this year! After going into circles and circles of ideas I thought, well I had a fur trimmed coat last year-(See previous Post)- so why don't I go all out fur head to toe coat this year?! Fabulous. I am loving these suggestions below, simply delicious. 

1. This is so beautiful! Not exactly a coat but I think I might treat myself, I am loving fur vests this season and this one screams purrrrfection! 

                     Dries Van Noten Leopard-Print Rabbit Fur Vest

2. This trench coat makes me swoon, It isn't actually full fur fur but I had to put it in. The inside must be so warm on a gorgeous winters day. It's oh-so multifunctional, it's a fur gilet on the inside, a warm trench for when it's raining and wet, a dress shape over tights and it can also become a sleeveless trench. What doesn't it do?!
 3.1 Phillip Lim Trenchcoat

3. Did someone take me to heaven and bring me back again?  It looks like fur but it's actually shearling. Beautiful and animal friendly?! This coat is so fabulous and I want it now. I can just imagine walking down the city streets with this beauty on. And the oversized proportions are perfectio. Come to mama.

                                                 Burberry Shearling Coat

Oh winter, HURRY UP. 

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